Gruss Betting Assistant

The Bet Machine uses 3rd Party Software called Gruss Betting Assistant to place bets with Betfair.

  • Gruss Betting Assistant is a stonking piece of software that every serious bettor that uses Betfair should be using. 
  • Gruss includes Excel Triggered Betting. This allows users to build their own Excel Spreadsheets using Gruss Data and pass selections to TBM through Excel.
  • It cuts down maintenance and updates that the TBM team has to do. This allows us to concentrate 100% on the user experience.  
  • The Gruss Team also produce Gruss Betdaq. This means that in the not to distant future TBM will be able to link with Gruss Betdaq (Betdaq) as well as Gruss Betting Assistant (Betfair).

Please note that Betting Assistant is completely Independent to TBM. We are not paid anything to endorse their software.

Gruss Betting Assistant is an alternative interface to the Betfair website enabling you to place bets in a very efficient manner. The application has a number of features aimed at allowing you to develop and implement your own strategies.

Betting Assistant costs £6 a month to subscribe to, however the first month is free.


Gruss Betting Assistant allows 3rd party software to communicate with it using what is called a COM interface. It effectively becomes a server that allows other software to connect to it. Gruss Betting Assistant communicates with the Betfair Server through the Betfair API. TBM communicates with Gruss Betting Assistant through the COM server.

At no point does TBM communicate with Betfair. TBM simply tells Gruss Betting Assistant which selection to use, what odds to use, what stake to use and when to bet.