The Pro Staking Plan lends itself to having an inbuilt Target and Stop Loss. For a full description see -

In order to showcase the Target and Stop Loss I am using the following Pro Staking Plan Settings.

In the settings above we are trying to win 1% of the Series Start Total in every bet. This 1% target is added to every bet in the series. After 5 bets we would be trying to make 5%. Every time the series target is made the word 'Target' is added to the Flag Column. In the screenshot below notice how the Next Target for Bet 57 is -£2.85. This means we have made our series target.

Our settings are using a Dynamic Stop Loss of 45%. The Cumulative Total after the Previous Series Reset was £159.85. This means that our Stop Loss is £71.90. As soon as the Next Target is greater than £71.90 the Series Stop Loss will kick in. In the screen shot below the Next Target for bet 105 is £77.22. Therefore the Stop Loss has been hit and the series starts again. The word 'Stop Loss' is added to the Flag Column.

An additional Target can be used when we check the 'Optional Target Reset if % of the Series Start Total is Hit'. When in use, the Pro Staking Plan Series will reset itself IF a percentage of the Series Start Total is hit.

The settings above are set to target 2%. The Start bank is £100. The Staking Plan will reset if we reach our goal of £2. In the screenshot below this is achieved at Bet 5. The Word 'Target %' is added to the Flag Column to indicate a target has been hit.