From TBM Version there is the option to set which markets to use for your Dutch Bets. This is accessed through the Advanced Dutch Bet Placement Settings button on the Market Placement - Multiple Selections Tab.

You can also access this screen by hovering the mouse over any of the numbers from 1-8 in the Potential Selections Grid a pop up will appear with information regarding any potential selections. This is designed to keep the user informed of whether any bets are likely to be placed when placing more than 1 selection.

You can access the Advanced Dutch Settings for the relevant system by pressing the settings button in the pop up.

The Default settings for this screen are all set to Win Market. Prior to this feature being introduced all dutch bets were placed in the Win Market Only. If you were previously using a system that used Dutch Bets then you do NOT need to change anything.

The Dutch Bets Advanced Settings screen has 5 tabs. Starting with the Lowest Odds Selection up to the 4th Lowest Odds Selection and then finally all other Selections.

In the Screenshot above we can see the Lowest Odds Selection Tab. It is currently set to place the bet on the Lowest Odds Selection in the Win Market if the Win Market Odds are greater than or equal to 1.01.

The screenshot below shows the same settings for the 2nd Lowest Odds Selection.

It is using the same settings as in the first tab. We wish to use the Win Market for all our Dutch Bets.

In the screenshot below we can see how this is played out. The Combined Odds for both Win Market Only and As Per Adv Settings is 1.76.

Now lets change the settings so that the 2nd Lowest Selection should use the Place Market where the odds are greater than or equal to 1.5. When this criteria isn't met, the Win Market will be used instead.

In the screenshot below we can see how this is played out again. The Combined Odds for the Win Market is 1.92 whilst the combined odds for As Per Adv Settings is 1.12.

The screenshot below also shows the bets placed.

If we go to the Series and Settings Screen for System 1 we can see that the combined odds show 1.12 and the bet is shown 'Awaits'.

The result has now come in. The WIN Market Bet won.

The actual odds for the Win Bet were matched at 3.33 so the combined odds have increased very slightly as per below in the Series and Settings Screen for System 1.

One of the advantages about placing bets in the Win and Place Markets is the possibility of sometimes having 2 winners. I have changed the result of the Place Bet to show this.

Now when we go to the Series and Settings Screen for System 1 we can see the combined odds have increased to 2.25.

Caution note Note

No Dutch Bets will be placed by TBM if the Combined Odds at the time of Bet Placement is less than 1.05  

Caution note Note

Some Staking Plans require the odds of the bet to be known in order to calculate the correct stake. Therefore when we place multiple bets using these staking plans we can only Dutch Bet to Equal Profit and NOT Equal Stakes. These staking plans include - Secure, Fixed, Kelly, Bookies Bank V2, Recovery Type 3 and SAW.  For Lay Staking Plans these include, Lay Liability. No Dutch Betting is available in Lay Mixed, Lay Maria and Lay Kelly.  

Note - In the above Staking Plans we can only place Dutch Bets in WIN ONLY Markets. NO BETS will placed if the criteria says otherwise in these Staking Plans.