There are several options for dealing with Multiple Selections.

The first option is whether they are even allowed. When the master switch is switched OFF if more than one selection is found NO BETS will be placed at all.

The Part 1 Conditions section of the screen lets us tell TBM what checks to make if any before placing multiple bets.

  • The first row covers the individual price for each selection.
  • The second row covers the combined odds as per your Advanced Dutch Bet Placement Settings.
  • The third row covers how many suitable selections there must be. This includes placed and any unplaced selections.

At Default all Dutch Bets are set to be placed in the Win Market. In the screenshot above, for any dutch bets to be placed, each individual price must be greater than or equal to 2. In addition the combined odds must be greater than 1.01.

Caution note Note

No Dutch Bets will be placed by TBM if the Combined Odds at the time of Bet Placement is less than 1.05  

In the screenshot above if both those conditions are met then a Dutch Bet to Equal Profit is made.

If either of the conditions is NOT met then we move to the ELSE section. In the screenshot above it is set to place a Single Bet on the selection with the lowest odds. The criteria on the Part 2 Conditions - Single Bet is then used to decide which market if any to place the selection in.  

Caution note Note

Some Staking Plans require the odds of the bet to be known in order to calculate the correct stake. Therefore when we place multiple bets using these staking plans we can only Dutch Bet to Equal Profit and NOT Equal Stakes. These staking plans include - Secure, Fixed, Kelly, Bookies Bank V2, Recovery Type 3 and SAW.  For Lay Staking Plans these include, Lay Liability. No Dutch Betting is available in Lay Mixed, Lay Maria and Lay Kelly.  

From TBM Version there is the option to set which markets to use for your Dutch Bets. This is accessed through the Advanced Dutch Bet Placement Settings button.

Advanced Dutch Bet Placements has its own topic - Advanced Dutch Bet Placement Settings