Accessed from each Systems View Series and Settings Screen -

Bet Results Odds Logging

The default for this setting is ON. For all winning bets, the odds recorded are adjusted based on the actual profit obtained. This allows TBM to accurately record a Dead Heat and Rule 4's. It also allows TBM to fetch the correct odds when placing bets at BSP. Because the correct odds are used, the Record of Today's Bets and Historical Bet Ledger Data will more or less match your Betfair Account Statement.

Note - Global Targets are calculated from the Record of Today's Bets and therefore IF you are relying on a Global Target this should ALWAYS be switched ON.

If you switch this feature OFF then the original odds that were used during bet placement are kept. This can be useful when using staking plans such as Stop At a Winner that rely on the odds to calculate the stake. In these staking plans, if for instance the odds are halved following a dead heat then the calculated stake in the Staking Plan itself will increase in order to hit the target. By retaining the original odds the staking plan carries on as if there was no change in odds. In this instance the bet entry in the Record of Today's Bets will contain the original (and incorrect) odds and therefore profit based on the original (and incorrect) odds.

When this feature is switched OFF any BSP bets placed will use the odds at the time of bet placement instead of the actual odds matched.

Bet Results Timer Options

You can tell TBM to assume a result after x amount of seconds. This allows next bets to be placed without having to wait for the previous result. This feature comes with a big health warning as it should only be used with Staking Plans that are not consequential.

Generally the Bet Result Timer is safe to use for Level, Percentage (re-calculated daily) and Fixed Staking Plan. With these staking plans it doesn't matter if you change a previous result. Any future stakes will remain the same.

In the screenshot below I have switched the Bet Result Timer to 1 seconds and 'Assume Bet Lost' is ticked. I have also checked the check box to tell TBM to update the bet with the correct result when it is available.

One scenario this may be useful is if you have 2 or 3 selections in a single race and you are backing to Level Stakes. If you wanted to treat each selection to be treated individually as per your Market Placement Settings you would need to result the previous bet instantly so that TBM would go through each selection rather than wait the previous result.