There are 2 options available when setting Targets and Stop Loss.

1) Use Global Targets/Stop Loss through Global TBM Settings.

Global Targets and Stop Loss Topic -  Global Targets/Stop Loss

2) Use System Specific Targets/Stop Loss through the Session Target and Stop Loss Screen accessed from each Systems Series and Settings Screen.

Targets Tab:

Generic Monetary System Targets -

When setting system specific targets/stop loss you can target a fixed amount OR a percentage of the cumulative total at the start of the session.

Fixed Amount - This is fixed value. For instance if you put in 2 then if your system reaches a profit of £2 it will switch off.

Percentage of the Cumulative Total at the Start of the Session - This is relative to your start bank at the moment the session starts. The session starts when the system is switched on. If the cumulative total of the start bank was £120 at the start of the session, then using a value of 2% will mean the system will switch off when 2% of £120 has been reached. So in this case £2.40.

Generic Consecutive Winning Sequence System Targets -

There is also an option to switch the system off after hitting a number of consecutive winning bets. In the screenshot below the system will hit target if there are 4 winning bets in a row.

Bespoke Staking Plan Specific System Targets -

There is also an option to switch the system off if a specific staking plan target/ stop loss has been reached. For instance, when using the Parlay Staking Plan if your target is 3 winning bets that would be a target hit. See individual Staking Plan instructions for more information. Not all staking plans in TBM have Bespoke Targets.

Back Staking Plans that include specific targets include - D'alembert, Labouchere, Parlay, Pro, Retirement, Bookies Bank, SAW, CoupMaster and XYZ.

Lay Staking Plans that include specific targets include - Lay Ladder and Lay 1-4 and Lay XYZ.

Back Staking Plans that include specific stop loss are the same as for specific targets with the exception of Retirement and Bookies Bank.

Lay Staking Plans that include specific stop loss include are Lay Ladder and Lay XYZ.

With these staking plans an additional column has been added called 'Flag'. If a target or stop loss is reached the Flag column is updated as below.

Find out more information on specific staking plan targets and stop loss - Bespoke Target/ Stop Loss Staking Plans

There is a final option under the Target Section that allows you to switch the system back on immediately after it is switched OFF. This has the effect of resetting all Session Stats including the Session Start Bank. This can be useful for those that like to bet through the card raising the targets and stop loss as the bank increases.  

Stop Loss Tab:

This is has the same options as the Targets Tab.