There are 2 options available when setting Targets and Stop Loss.

Global Targets/Stop Loss

Use Global Targets/Stop Loss through Global TBM Settings. Use this feature to include a target or stop loss that monitors all systems. If a target or stop loss is reached then all Systems will switch off.

The Global Target/Stop Loss is based on ACTUAL STAKES Placed. The ACTUAL STAKES placed are always recorded in the Record of Daily Bets and the Historical Bet Ledger.

In TBM the 'Betting Day' is 0000 hours to 2359 hours based on your Computer Clock.

The Global Targets and Stop Loss are calculated against your profit/loss in the 'Betting Day'.

Caution note Note

This is different to how individual System Target/Stop Loss's are calculated which are based on their linked Staking Plan Stakes. This is especially important to remember if we are using Test Mode which at default uses 10p. Global Target/Stop Loss will be calculated on your ACTUAL 10p stakes where as each System Specific Target/Stop Loss will be based on the linked Staking Plan suggested stake.

At the end of every 'Betting Day', TBM completes various internal resets as well as updating all relevant staking plans with any new stakes now that a new day has been triggered. The Record of Daily Bets is also cleared.

The Global Target/Stop Loss Screen is shown below. Also provided is a list of all the Systems current cumulative totals so that you can easily calculate your appropriate Targets.

The current Profit/Loss for the days 'Betting Day' is found on the Daily Record of Today's Bets.

The Record of Daily Bets is cleared at the end of the TBM Betting Day which is midnight (0000 hours) based on your computer clock. To adjust the Betting Day use the Time Offset Feature.

If a Global Target or Stop Loss is hit, then all Switched on Systems will be turned OFF. In the screenshot below System 1 has been switched OFF after the Global Profit Target was hit.

Once the TBM Betting Day reaches 0000 hours the Record of Daily Bets will reset and clear the Day's Profit. System 1 can then be turned back on.

Alternative options would be to increase the Global Target or switch it off completely.

Adjust the TBM Betting Day by adding a Time Offset -  Time Offset

Use System Specific Targets/Stop Loss

Use System Specific Targets/Stop Loss through the Session Target and Stop Loss Screen accessed from each Systems Series and Settings Screen.

System Specific Targets/Stop Loss in System Series & Settings  -  System Specific Targets/StopLoss