Caution note Note

The Data used for the Race Card is usually available from 0100 GMT hours onwards.

The Race Card Feature allows us to View UK Greyhound Race Cards within TBM and add selections directly through the interface. Race Cards can be accessed in 2 ways.

Irish Greyhound Racing is not available. Very rarely is Irish Greyhound Racing seen on Betfair.

1) Directly from the Help Drop Down -

2) Directly from the Market Details Label -

If you access the Race Card through the Market Details label, TBM will attempt to fetch the current selected market. If it can't select the market it will bring up the default Race Card Screen.

You can sort on various attributes.

In order to add a selection click on the Dog Name. In the Dialog Box, choose which System Number (1-8) you wish to add the selection to. Then confirm which type of selection input you wish to add the selection too.