There is an option to add a one off Manual Bet to TBM. This is designed for the moments when the Betfair API goes down or when the internet drops out. Accessed from the Help Drop Down.

Caution note Note

Bets can ONLY be added to the end of a series in a System that is switched OFF

Enter your bet details. Make sure you select the correct system number. The Date/Time Field cannot be edited.

Add the Manual Bet. The screen will remain open in case you wish to add further bets. Close the screen down when complete. We can see in our example that the bet was added to System 3 below. The staking plan settings are level stakes to 1% of £100 start bank which is why the stake is shown as £1.

The Historical Bet Ledger will show the actual stake placed as £4.35.

After adding manual bets you can made adjustments to the odds and selected text through the Historical Bet Ledger.