Accessed from each Systems View Series and Settings Screen.

This tab allows us to reset the current series of bets back to zero bets. There is no rule as to when this should be done. Some will like to reset the series at the start of every day whilst others may wish to reset it at the start of every month. In any case, if the number of bets in any series reaches 1000 bets, you will be prompted to archive the current series.

Archiving the bets, does not delete any bets. It simply removes from the the current series. All bets are stored indefinitely in the Historical Bet Ledger.

There are 2 options when we archive the bets.

1) Archive Current Series. Leave all Other Setting Alone

This simply archives the bets and starts a new series.

2) Archive Current Series and Update Linked Staking Plan Start Bank with Previous Cumulative Total.

This has the effect of editing the start bank of the linked staking plan. For instance if before archiving the current series you had increased the cumulative total from £100 to £150, then the start bank for the new series will be £150. Only the linked Staking plan is effected.