Accessed from each Systems View Series and Settings Screen or from the Main screen  

There are 5 ways of adding selections to TBM.

All UK/IRE Horse Racing names are limited to 18 characters and have to be unique. Each name is approved by the British Horse Racing Authority. Therefore the decision has been made in TBM to only require the Selection name. This is not 100% fool proof as horses from overseas could race in UK races and vice versa. However the chances of 2 horses with the same name racing on the same day is negligible. At the end of the day It is balance of forcing the end user of adding the race time/course to the selection or keeping it simple and only requiring the selection. In TBM we always try and keep it simple.

Betfair names do not include any apostrophes so TBM will strip out any of these automatically. TBM also changes all your selections and those on Betfair to upper case to ensure consistent matching.

There are 6 tabs on the Selections Screen. We will look at each in separate topics.