Any selections added to the User Input Screen are suitable selections. There are NO additional checks made.

There is the option to add a single selection as well as paste in selections from the clipboard. The copy/paste used is universal. This means that TBM will automatically try and detect line breaks and delimiters.

The only data TBM requires is the selection itself. It has to be an exact match as that used on Betfair. Apostrophes will automatically be stripped out and all selections are switched to Upper Case to ensure consistent matching.

You can also grab selections straight from the market data itself. This is covered on the Market Information Topic and on the How Do I ? series on the main website -

There is also the ability on this screen to add unnamed favorites. This drop down will display all markets in Todays Race List. This will only be populated IF you are connected to Gruss.

Select the race you wish to use. Then select the number of unnamed favorites. In the screenshot below I have added 1400 at Lingfield. The Top 3 selections will automatically be chosen.

Caution note Note

Unnamed Favourites WILL NOT work for Soccer and Tennis Match Odds.