Any selections added to the User Input With Conditions Screen face additional criteria checks.  

There is the option to add a single selection as well as paste in selections from the clipboard. There are 2 buttons for Copy/Pasting Data.

The 'Paste Selections from Clipboard' Button is universal. This means that TBM will automatically detect line breaks and delimiters.

The 'Paste Selections and Odds From Excel' attempts to detect Excel or Open Office Data and if you have added individual Odds Data it will attempt to paste the odds data in as well.  At default all selections are given the odds range of 1 - 1000

When pasting in data TBM will handle any Duplicate Selections. The First Instance of any duplicate selections will always be used.

When pasting in data via the 'Paste Selections and Odds From Excel' the format required is 3 Columns of data in the following order - Selection, Min Odds and Max Odds.

It is assumed the data is coming from, Microsoft Excel or Open Office. If the data is not readable, no pasting will occur.

If the data pasted only contains 1 Column, TBM assumes this column contains the selections.

If the data contains 2 Columns, TBM assumes this data includes Selection and Min Odds.

If the data contains 3 Columns, TBM assumes this data includes the Selection, Min Odds and Max Odds.  

The only data TBM requires is the selection itself. It has to be an exact match as that used on Betfair. Apostrophes will automatically be stripped out and all selections are switched to Upper Case to ensure consistent matching.

In the screenshot below I have entered some selections in Excel. I have highlighted the selections and odds and copied them into the Clipboard. I have added an apostrophe to Beauty Stone and Swiss Pride.

Once pasted into TBM the selections now appear as below. Note the apostrophes have been stripped. Each selection now has individual odds ranges. These can be edited by simply typing in the new odds and pressing 'Confirm any Odds Range Changes'.

In the bottom right of the screen we have additional conditions. These are Favorite Ranking, Odds Ranges, No Of Runners, Amount Matched and Tick Difference. Each one is self explanatory. The default is to allow all selections through. So the Default Favorite Ranking is Less than or equal to 50.

If this was set to = 1 then any selection added would only be placed IF it was the favorite in the WIN Market at time of bet placement.

Odds Ranges are per market when available. These are in addition to any individual odds ranges. The Default is odds of 1-1000.

No. Of Runners. Any selections will only be placed if this criteria is met. At Default the number of runners has to be between 1 and 100.

Amount Matched (Win Market). This can be useful in markets where there is low liquidity and the market hasn't yet been formed.

Tick Difference (Win Market). This is simply calculated by subtracting the number of ticks in the Back Odds from the number of ticks in the Lay Odds. Similar to the amount matched, this can be useful in markets where there is low liquidity.

Steamers/Drifters (Win Market). This simply looks at the current price and compares to the highest high or lowest low depending on your settings. The Time Span and Data Collection refresh rate is set in Global TBM Settings. Ticks Or Percent Change is available. When this criteria is switched on (check box checked) no bets will pass the criteria if there isn't any collected data. In other words. There MUST be collected data for any bets to be placed.  

Global Steamers/Drifter Settings are available in Global TBM Settings -  Global TBM Settings

A useful tool is the Steamers/Drifter Stats panel that will display in real time the current highest high and lowest low odds -  Steamers/Drifters Stats Panel