Caution note Note

Please note - this feature and any options available is subject to change at short notice and without warning.

The idea behind this feature is to easily download tips from your favorite tipster/service. The Services available are listed in alphabetical order. Some are free and some will require additional subscriptions.

Selection Hunter Preset Selections are based on exactly that. The Selection Hunter Presets. They are a great way to test the software for yourself.

Read about each available Method through the 'View Info' Link.

If you wish to use a Service you currently do not have access to you will need to press the Register to Use Button.

This will give you the option to register your interest in using this service. All requests are manually approved so that we can check with each service provider that you are entitled to access.

Once access has been granted you will be given the option to select the method. In the screenshot below I have selected Top Rated Method from The Horse Race Predictor Team.

Press Yes to Confirm.

You will then be given the option to download the advised settings. This includes the Staking Plan Settings and Market Placement Settings.

Caution note Note

Please note - The Race List Builder Settings are not changed when importing advised settings.  You will need to ensure the correct markets are loaded manually via the Race Builder Screen. For instance if you have loaded a Football Tipster, you will need to switch on 'All Soccer (Match Odds)' to be able to use any selections.  

At default every 60 minutes, the selections will be refreshed unless you uncheck the RefreshTipster Selections box.

There is also the option to add further conditions to any selections such as Favorite Ranking, No. Of Runners, Odds Ranges, Amount Matched, Tick Difference and Steamers/Drifters. For clarification on how each criteria option works it is the same for all selection systems. Therefore read through  User Selections(Conditional).

There is an article on the main website How Do I ? Series covering How Do I Use a Tipster ? -

There is an article on the main website How Do I ? Series covering How Do I Register to Use a Private Tipster ? -