How Do I Load a Tipster’s Selections in The Bet Machine ?

The first thing we need to do is connect TBM to Gruss Betting Assistant. If you are a new user please have a quick read through the help manual.

Setting Up Gruss Betting Assistant

Connecting TBM to Gruss Betting Assistant

Once connected, if you have UK and IRE Racing enabled in the Race Builder Screen then you should see something similar to below.

We are going to work with System 1. Go to the Selections Screen for System 1 either through Series & Settings or through the Quick Link above the Potential Selections Grid. Make sure Online Tipsters Master Switch is turned on.

Then go the Tipsters Tab.

At the moment no Tipsters have been selected. Today I am going to Merlin Rating, All Top Rated. We can read a very brief description of this service by pressing the View Info Button.

Close the dialog box and select the system. You will get a pop up dialog box asking for confirmation. Press Yes.

Selections are loaded. Another pop up box will then ask whether you wish to load the advised settings. The settings include the Bet Placement, Staking Plan, Market Placement, Targets and Stop Loss, Bet Timer and Daily Refresh Settings. It does not include the Race List Builder Settings.

I am going press Yes and load the advised settings.

Exit the Selection Screen and go back to the Main Screen. We can see the first selection is highlighted.

Tipster Selections are refreshed every hour at default. We can turn this off in the Selections –> Tipster Screen. Tipster Selections are also dynamic. This means they are cleared at every refresh and reloaded. This again can be turned off in the Selections –> Tipster Screen.

The only exception to this is when there are no new selections OR when the server is down.

When we load advised settings please remember they are only ‘advised’. It is your responsibility to check the settings to see if they are suitable for yourself. Check the staking plan and staking plan settings. If you are not sure always use Level Staking Plan.

Useful Link – How Do I Register to Use a Private Tipster in TBM ?