Welcome to The Bet Machine

Thank you for downloading and installing the TBM Software.

The Bet Machine has been developed from scratch using all of our 15 years Betting Software experience. The result is an extremely powerful and comprehensive piece of kit that we hope will not only maximise your betting profits but also be a lot of fun to use as well.  

The Bet Machine makes use of 3rd Party Software Gruss Betting Assistant in order to place our bets on the Betfair or Betdaq Exchange. We have found this route to be most efficient way of developing and maintaining TBM.

TBM Software has been written by the same team behind The Staking Machine. All the staking plans in TSM are available in TBM.

You can only place selections with TBM if you have a active subscription and have registered the software. Current subscription details can be found on our website. -  https://www.thebetmachine.com

Any issues regarding the software - support@thebetmachine.com

TBM Software History/Updates