TBM is multi instance. This means you can open and run more than one(1) instance of TBM on the same computer. This means we can have one instance betting on Betfair and another instance betting on Betdaq.

You can ONLY connect to one or the other in any single Instance of TBM. What we are not allowed to do is connect to both Betfair and Betdaq in the same instance of TBM at the same time.

There are no issues in running two(2) instances of TBM with the 1st Instance connected to Gruss Betfair and the 2nd Instance connected to Gruss Betdaq. It also means there are no issues in starting the day running a single instance of TBM with Gruss Betfair, then disconnecting at lunch time before connecting the same instance with Gruss Betdaq in the afternoon.

Multiple Instances are discussed in more details at the end of the help manual. -  Multiple Instances