Link to Excel allows you to create your own Automated Selection Systems. One of the great features of Gruss Betting Assistant is Excel Triggered Betting. In real time Gruss can feed all the market data to a linked Excel Spreadsheet. You can then place bets in Gruss by placing instructions in Excel Cells. However you can also simply use the information in Excel to build your own selection systems. For instance, if you have a system that looks for movers in the market such as favorites with odds shortening you could code your Excel Sheet accordingly and place the bet on the highlighted selection.

TBM attempts to make it really easy to place these bets and keep a record of everything. We can Link TBM to the same Excel Sheet that Gruss is linked to. We can tell TBM to monitor a cell in Excel or a range of cells and 'pick up' any changes to these cells.

In your Excel Spreadsheet you would populate any selection to the linked Excel Cell and TBM will automatically pick up the selection and place it accordingly.

Each instance of TBM can link to 1 Excel spreadsheet. Each system in TBM can link to separate cells in that spreadsheet. So you could run 8 systems off the same spreadsheet.

If you wished to use 2 different Excel Sheets you would need to open a second instance of TBM.

To create the link to Excel press 'Setup Link to Excel'. If no spreadsheets are found you will get a dialog as below. If you are adamant Excel is open but TBM is unable to read it, check for hidden instances in Task Manager of Excel as Excel has a nasty habit of not closing down properly.

I have now opened Excel and TBM press the Setup Link Button. TBM has found the Work Book and First Sheet. Select the relevant sheets in the highlighted drop down and press Confirm Link when you are happy.

The linked cell at default is A1. In Excel I'm now going to make a change to A1 and TBM will pick this up automatically. In Excel I have made a change to Cell A1.

Caution note Note

Please note selections will only show up if TBM is connected to Gruss.