As we know from the prerequisites page TBM can work with both Betting Assistant for Betfair or Betting Assistant for Betdaq. Both use the respective API's of each betting exchange. This means that there are a few unavoidable differences.

  • Betdaq API does not include Race Details such as Hcap, Stakes, Hurdles etc. Therefore RaceType Filters and Race Distance Filters are not available when using TBM through Gruss Betdaq.

Race Details and Race Type Filters are covered later on in the Help Manual - Race List Builder

  • Liquidity on some markets in Betdaq is less than Betfair. XSP (Betdaq BSP) is rarely matched on markets with low liquidity. Therefore it is not recommended to use XSP with TBM and Betdaq on low liquidity markets.

Bet Placement is covered in more detail later on in the Help Manual -  Bet Placement

  • Betdaq often take longer to settle their markets than Betfair. This means results can take much longer to update in TBM when using Gruss Betdaq.