There is an online database that will be updated from time to time. These are all selection systems that can either be run on their own or simply use as a starting point for your own systems. Each selection system is back tested against BSP. This means when running the systems live, your selections will NOT always match the selections in the back test.

It is up to the user to choose their own bet placement and market placement settings/criteria.

Caution note Note

If you develop a selection system that you believe TBM users would benefit from then contact us and we can add them to the database.

The Online Preset Database can be accessed from the Selection Hunter Help Drop Down.

A new screen appears similar to below. Press the Load Preset Button.

In the screenshot below L6 SUM Rank has been loaded in. Back Test settings are also added. Back Test Mode has to be switched on for the Back Test Settings to be visible. In the example below the Min Odds  = 1, Max Odds 15 and Fav Rank of <= 10 has been loaded into the Back Test Settings. Run the Query yourself to look at the historical selections.

If you want to save this preset then add a New Group using the Group Admin Drop Down. Then save the settings to the Group.

There is also an option on the preset screen to import default system settings. This are all to Level Stakes and the Odds Ranges and Favourite Ranking are already setup. If you import any of the example settings please go through each setting before switching the system on.