The Market Options tab provides further settings specific to the Race List.

Loop Through Race List Settings

The default is set as zero. This means that TBM moves on to the next market in the Race List at the scheduled off time of the current selected race. You can set this to go forward or back. If you set the time to 10 minutes this means that TBM will move onto the next market, 10 Minutes BEFORE the scheduled off of the current selected race.

Caution note Note

If you do change this from the default then don't forget to leave enough time in your Bet Placement Settings to place the bet. For instance if you move everything forward by 10 minutes your bet placement will need to be greater than (10 * 60 = 600) 600 seconds in order to get any bets placed.  Bet Placement

This feature is useful in markets that have a habit of going off early such as Tennis Markets.

Use 2 TBP ? - Applied Only When Available in Betfair

On this tab you can tell TBM which markets you wish to monitor for UK and IRE Horse Racing. Betfair has additional markets that we may wish to use for UK and IRE Racing.

Caution note Note

Betdaq does NOT currently have a 2 TBP Market. Therefore this option is not available when using TBM and Gruss Betdaq.

The Default markets that are monitored are Win Market, To Be Placed Market and Extra Place Market. The To Be Placed Market is the equivalent of 2 TBP or 3 TBP but depends on the number of horse runners at the time the market was created by Betfair.

The Default settings are shown below.

This is reflected on the screenshot below which shows which markets Gruss is linked to.

If we switch on the alternative Market Option we can see how this effect which markets Gruss and TBM monitors.

The markets have changed to Win, 2 TBP and To Be Placed.

The 4 TBP Market is no longer monitored at all.

This doesn't effect the bet placement settings. For instance any systems that were originally set to use the Extra Place Market in TBM will still use the Extra Place Market in TBM. The only difference is TBM is using the To Be Placed Market as the Extra Place Market.

Remove Runner Numbers ?

This will remove runner numbers when detected. Runner numbers are generally included in International Horse Racing and all Greyhound racing for both Betfair and Betdaq. When ticked, the selections will appear in the market data grid without any number prefix. When this is ticked, any selections you have added manually do NOT need to include the runner numbers. If they do include the runner number, the selection will NOT be matched.

Caution note Note

If you remove the runner number whilst using the Automated Selection System - Greyhounds Builder, then it will not work as it relies on the trap number/runner number.