Accessed from each Systems View Series and Settings Screen.

Linked Staking Plan - This is the current staking plan that the current series of bets is linked to. A drop down button is used to allow you to select the linked staking plan.

All Staking Plans are taken from our sister software The Staking Machine - TSM. Staking Plan descriptions -

You can only change staking plans when the System is switched OFF. This is because, by changing staking plans, the next stake will often change. By locking the Staking Plan when the System is 'live' we prevent any nasty surprises from occurring.

Edit Staking Plan Settings - Press this button to edit any of the staking plans. A new screen is shown as per -

Use Commission - When switched on, commission is included in the series calculations. Press the Save Button to update any changes.

Include Cancel, Lapsed and Voided Bets in All Dutch Bets - From TBM Version onwards all Cancelled bets 'odds' are recorded in the database. Previously the odds were recorded as zero. When this is checked, all cancelled bets that have odds <> zero are included and treated as a loss when they were originally part of a Dutch Bet.

This could be useful when using staking plans that calculate the stake based on the odds. For instance if we have a dutch bet with 3 runners using the Stop a a Winner Staking Plan, the stakes are calculated on the combined odds of the 3 bets at the time of Bet Placement. However if there is a non runner after our bets have been placed, there are now only 2 live bets.

The combined odds have changed but our bets have already been placed as if there were 3 bets.

If we include the Cancelled Bet in the Staking Plan then the stakes in the Stop at a Winner Staking Plan stay the same. If we do not include the Cancelled Bet then the Calculated stakes in the Stop At Winner Staking Plan will have changed and will be different to the stakes we have placed.

Treat Place Part of Split Bet as a Win if Result is Still Outstanding and the Win Part is Known to Have Won - Place Market Bets are settled after Win Market Bets in both Betfair and Betdaq. This means there could be a delay in the result for a Split Bet. (Part Win and Part Place Bet). When this option is ticked IF the Win bet comes back as a winning bet before the Place Bet result is confirmed  then the place bet is also treated as a win. (No other result is possible. If the Win bet has won then the Place bet must also have won).

The only note of caution here is that the Place Bet Odds are not confirmed and therefore could change once the actual result does eventually come back. This means the combined odds of the Split Bet could be slightly out. Depending on your staking plan this could effect the calculated next stake.