VPS stands for Virtual Private Service. A VPS is a virtual machine. It is a server, hosted online. Think of your Desktop Computer hosted online. When you take out a VPS subscription you normally take out a subscription for a Windows or Linux desktop minus the monitor. 

The monitor is your computer, tablet, phone. Whatever device you choose to connect to the VPS with. 

A VPS is completely different to a VPN - Virtual Private Network. A VPN is a way of accessing the Internet through an alternate IP address often based in another country. A VPN masks where your computer is actually located. VPN's are used to provide privacy to the end users. VPN's are also used to access content and services that may otherwise be blocked/banned in your location. A good VPN that we have experience of is IPVanish.

Recommended VPS

EpicHost - https://www.thebetmachine.com/epichost-vps-setup/

Amazon AWS - https://aws.amazon.com/ec2/

Simply Hosting - https://www.simplyhosting.cloud/