Once we have run our queries and have the filtered selections we can add them into any system we want. The selections are always added into the 'User Selections With Conditions' Selections System.

Let's run a simple query. I'm going to use the Top Rank for RPR, OR and TS.

After running the query today I am left with 2 selections.

I want to add both these selections to System 1. We do this by ticking both selections in the Query Results Grid and ticking System 1 underneath. If we wanted we could add the selections to all 8 systems simply by ticking all 8 systems.

Finally press the button 'Add Checked Rows to 'Selections With User Conditions'. A pop up message box will confirm they have been added.

We can double check they have been added by going to the Selections Screen for System 1. All Live Selections shows the 2 have been added. Remember in order to use the selections the Master Switch for 'User Input With Conditions' MUST be switched on.

And in the 'User Input With Conditions' Screen.