Selection Hunter

The Selection Hunter is a very powerful filtering tool that will allow you to very quickly find and add suitable selections for all UK and IRE Horse Racing. Available to live TBM Subscribers Only.

In this video we are going to dive straight in and create our first query. We are going to fetch all today’s selections that have a Racing Post rating greater than 140.

As we build our queries, we can by default back test over the last 6 months. Let’s see how our simple query would of performed over the last 6 months.

Queries are saved inside groups. In order to save our query let’s create a new group.

A core ethos to TBM is to take control of betting back from bookmakers and unscrupulous tipsters. You can use our preset templates as ideas to base your own selection systems.

We can also set up TBM to automatically run our queries at a set time of day using the Auto Schedule Feature.

For a full overview of The Selection Hunter, see the TBM Help Manual.

Watch the video below for a more indepth look at using Selection Hunter in TBM. From start to finish we cover creating our first selection system, analysing the results and finally saving the query to re-use again and again. 

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