How Do I Place Bets on Unnamed Favourites Automatically ?

The first thing we need to do is connect TBM to Gruss Betting Assistant. If you are a new user please have a quick read through the help manual.

Setting Up Gruss Betting Assistant

Connecting TBM to Gruss Betting Assistant

Once connected, you should see something similar to below depending on what races you have enabled in the Race Builder List. In the screenshot below Greyhound Racing is enabled.

We are going to work with System 1. Go to the Selections Screen for System 1 either through Series & Settings or through the Quick Link above the Potential Selections Grid.

Make sure Automated Selections Systems Master switch is ON. Turn off any other selection inputs that you do not need. Then go the Automated Selection Systems Tab.

There are 3 available Automated Selections Systems. These are Fav. & Odds Builder, Greyhound Builder and String Search. Only 1 can be used at any one time.

Select Fav. & Odds Builder Tab. I have set it to add Favourite Rank 1. Make sure it has been switched on. Boherna Brave has been added to the Automated Selections List.

Double check the Global Tab. These settings are always on and apply to all 3 Automated Selections Systems. Check the Odds Ranges, No Of Runners and Amount Matched. Confirm all changes and exit the screen.

The favourite will now be highlighted as a potential selection.

Before we turn on System 1 we should check the Market Placement Options. This is accessed either through the Series & Settings button for System 1 or using the Quick Link just above the Potential Selections Grid.

In the example below I have set the Market Placement to place all bets in the Win Market as long as the odds are less than 1000.

Now in the main screen, we can turn on System 1 if we are happy with all the settings.

In the screenshot above Boherna Brave has been placed at 30 seconds to the off as per my Bet Placement Settings.

We can see our bet is placed as per our instructions. You can see the next favourite is already highlighted. If the result for Boherna Brave comes back in time TBM will place a bet on Another Upgrade.

The result has now come in and TBM is ready to place the next bet.