TBM Subscription Complete

You have successfully subscribed to The Bet Machine. You can now register your copy of TBM. If you are unable to register TBM with your email address wait 5 minutes and then try again. Feel free to bookmark this page so you can return to it at a later date.

If you have not done so already you will need to download and install TBM.

Registering TBM is as simple as entering your email address.

To connect to Betfair you will need Gruss Betting Assistant. This is 3rd Party Software that places all our bets with Betfair for us.

Please read through the help manual before using TBM. The first time you connect TBM to Gruss you will need to enable the COM interface in Gruss.

Everything you need is in the TBM Help Manual. This is available within the software AND online.