How Do I Use a Time Offset ?

In TBM the ‘Betting Day‘ is 0000 hours to 2359 hours based on your Computer Clock.

The Global Targets and Stop Loss are calculated against your profit/loss in the ‘Betting Day’.

Reminder – This is different to how individual System Target/Stop Loss’s are calculated which are based on their linked Staking Plan Stakes. This is especially important to remember if we are using Test Mode which at default uses 10p. Global Target/Stop Loss will be calculated on your ACTUAL 10p stakes where as each System Specific Target/Stop Loss will be based on the linked Staking Plan suggested stake.

At the end of every ‘Betting Day’, TBM completes various internal resets as well as updating all relevant staking plans with any new stakes now that a new day has been triggered. The Record of Daily Bets is also cleared.

Time Offset can be useful if we are based in a different time zone to the markets we are betting on. For instance – if we are based in the UK but are betting on US Markets we may wish to adopt the US time zone when recording our bets. In which case we would use an offset of -5 hours.

This would have the effect of moving the ‘Betting Day’ back 5 hours. Bets placed would be recorded as being placed 5 hours before they actually were. Only when the adjusted ‘Betting Day’ hits 0000 will TBM complete its daily reset.

The Time Offset is found in the TBM Global Settings Screen.

Let’s see how this works in reality. I am based in the UK. My Computer is set to UK Time Zone. I have set the Time Offset to -5 hours. I have loaded the USA Markets and will place several bets. When this screenshot was taken my computer time was 17:51 hours. The bet has been placed with an offset of -5. This is recorded in the Record Today’s Bets.

You can see the Date column shows 2020-04-05 12:51 -5. This tells us the bet was placed with an offset of -5.

Notice how the offset time is also shown on the Record of Today’s Bets. It tells us that the TBM Betting Day Time is currently 12:51. When this time hits midnight (0000 hours) then the TBM Betting Day will finish and everything will reset.

The Time Offset is unique for the profile you are currently using. In the screenshot below I have created a NEW profile just for AUS Racing. Again my computer is set to UK Time Zone. Australia can vary in the hours ahead but I will use a +11 hour time offset to ensure all bets are placed in the same ‘Betting Day’. I have also included the Desktop Clock in the screenshot.

Note how +11 hours has been added to the bets placed in the Record of Daily Bet’s. Note that the TBM Betting Day time is 1941 hours. Note the time on the computer is 0841 hours and the next race is shown as the 0852 hours.

System 1 was being used to place the bets and a Global Target of 50p was in place. We can see the Global Target was reached after the second bet result came in. System 1 turned off accordingly.

At the moment if we try to switch System 1 back on, the Target will be hit immediately and System 1 will be turned off again. Only once the TBM Betting Day reaches 0000 hours the Record of Daily Bets will reset and clear the Day’s Profit. System 1 can then be turned back on. (Alternatively we could just increase the Global Target or switch it off completely).