Fast Results Added – March 2024. 

Fast Results is a feature that allows TBM to connect to our server in the background and receive Horse Racing Results for UK and IRE Racing as soon as they are published on various Horse Racing Websites. Often Fast Results come in before Betfair/Betdaq have settled the market. Win and Place results will be resulted at the same time and often 5-10 minutes faster than Betfair or Betdaq settling markets.

When enabled, Fast Results will run in the background continuously but only update results when TBM is connected to Gruss. Fast Results will allow TBM to result some bets early and allow TBM to place bets in the next race instead of having to wait for the previous result.

The Pros for using Fast Results are obvious. You are far less likely to miss races when using a consequential staking plan (next stake is dependent on previous result). 

However, there are some cons that users should be aware of –  

  • Fast Results can be wrong and later corrected. They are usually published before any weighing in and before any stewards enquiry results. The only fool proof way of correct results is to rely on Betfair or Betdaq when they settle the markets.
  • When using Fast Results, if the individual bet is voided this will initially be resulted as ‘Assume Loss’ if Fast Results come back BEFORE Betfair/Betdaq void the bet.

Fast Results has to be enabled for each profile(instance of TBM) that you are running. This is done through TBM Global Settings –> Fast Results Tab

TBM Global Settings - Fast Results Tab
Fast Results Tab in TBM Global Settings
System Settings Bet Result Timer
Individual System Settings --> Bet Result Timer Tab

Use each individual Systems Bet Result Timer to enable Fast Results for each system. Bet Result/Timer Settings

Fast Results can be monitored live in TBM. On the Main Screen go to the Help Drop-down and select ‘View Latest Fast Results’.

Fast Results Monitor
Main Screen --> Help --> View Latest Fast Results
Fast Results Monitoring Screen

Note – Fast Results will only update bets that are shown ‘awaits’. All bets will be updated with ‘Assume Won’ or ‘Assume Loss’. Each systems Bet Result Timer settings will then apply as to whether they are further updated with the correct odds etc.