How Do I Create and Switch Profiles ?

Profiles are briefly covered in the Online Help Manual. The intention here is to cover Profiles in more detail.

Essentially Profiles allow us to save a set of settings to a memory slot. Each Profile contains the settings for 8 Systems. Profiles are essential if you are running more than 1 instance of TBM as each instance should be using a different Profile.

Circumstances where you may need 2 or more instances of TBM are –

  • You have more than 8 Systems that you wish to create and use
  • You wish to keep your Horse Racing, Greyhound and Soccer Bets separate

The first thing we need to do is create the new profile. This is done through the Global TBM settings screen.

The first tab is the Profiles Tab. Press the Create Blank New Profile as below.

Type in your Unique name for the New Profile and then press Create New profile as below –

Notice Football Bets is now listed as a profile. Switch to the new profile by pressing the Switch to Selected Profile.

Close the screen and go back to the main screen. We are now using the Football Bets Profile. The current profile is always shown as the top left of the main screen.