How Do I Use Multiple Instances of TBM ?

Multiple Instances are briefly covered in the Online Help Manual. The intention here is to cover Multiple Instances in more detail.

TBM is multi instance. This means you can run more than one instance of TBM at a time if you follow 2 simple rules –

  • Each Instance of TBM MUST be linked to different tabs on Gruss. So if the 1st instance of TBM is linked to Tabs 1,2 and 3 in Gruss then the 2nd Instance of TBM must be linked to other tabs such as 4,5 and 6.
  • Each Instance of TBM MUST use a different Profile. This is to ensure no cross contamination of settings used.

If you are reading this article it is assumed that you know how to create and switch Profiles. Please see ‘How Do I Create and Switch Profiles ?‘ if you need a reminder.

Let us start with our first instance of TBM. This will use the Default Profile and connect to Tabs 1,2 and 3 in Gruss.

The screenshot below shows the Default Profile monitoring Horse Racing on Tabs 1,2 and 3 in Gruss Betting Assistant.

To prepare for our second Instance of TBM we need to create 3 more tabs in Gruss. This is done by pressing ‘New Page’ In Gruss as below. Tabs numbered 4,5 and 6 are the New Tabs for the 2nd Instance of TBM.

We now need to open a second instance of TBM This can be done through your normal method of starting TBM or through the Help Drop Down and pressing Open a NEW Instance of TBM.

After a few seconds you will get a warning dialog. This is because the NEW instance of TBM has detected that you are already running the 1st Instance of TBM. Press Yes to accept.

Another warning will then appear reminding us to connect to different tabs. Press OK.

Finally the Second Instance will load up. All instances of TBM will start up in the Default Profile. The first thing we need to do is switch profiles. In the screenshot below I am switching to the Football Bets Profile. If you haven’t already created a new profile then press the Create Blank New Profile and do that first.

We now switch on the ‘TBM – Gruss Connection’ switch in our Football Bets Profile Instance. The important part here is to select tabs 4, 5 and 6 as below. Then press Confirm Setup.

We now have both Instances of TBM connected to Gruss. The First Instance using the Default Profile is monitoring Horse Racing. The second Instance of TBM is monitoring Soccer Matches.

Remember – You cannot use any tabs in Gruss that TBM is connected to. If you wish to monitor individual races then add a 7th Tab and use that Tab to place manual bets or simply watch the racing in-play.

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