How Do I Only Show Tennis Match Odds ?

The first thing we need to do is connect TBM to Gruss Betting Assistant. If you are a new user please have a quick read through the help manual.

Setting Up Gruss Betting Assistant

Connecting TBM to Gruss Betting Assistant

Once connected, if you have UK and IRE Racing enabled in the Race Builder Screen then you should see something similar to below.

We access the Race Builder Screen through the Plus Button on Todays Race List.

This will bring up the Race List Builder. If we only want All Tennis Matches then we need to uncheck any other markets and check All Tennis Matches. We can also filter on Types of Matches via the Race Types Filters Tab.

Once done, press Save Changes and Refresh. This may take a few seconds to fully load. This is because of the quantity of fixtures that TBM has to look through. A lot of fixtures may start at the same time. TBM will move matches forward by 30 seconds until there are no further clashes. This allows TBM to monitor all games.

Notice in the screenshot below that the Win Market label on the Market Data has been replaced with Match Odds label. There are no Place or Extra Place Markets with Match Odds and therefore these labels now say ‘None’.

Extra Information Regarding Profiles

It is advisable to separate your Tennis Bets to your Horse Racing Bets. This is so that the Race List doesn’t get too congested with both Horse Racing and Tennis Matches. On the weekend there can be hundreds of Tennis Matches to monitor. We keep things simple by using Profiles.

Essentially Profiles allow us to save a set of settings to a memory slot. Each Profile contains the settings for 8 Systems. Profiles are essential if you are running more than 1 instance of TBM as each instance should be using a different Profile.

In order to separate the Tennis and Horse Racing Bets it is recommended to run 2 Instances of TBM. The first instance for Horse Racing.

Useful Link How Do I Create and Switch Profiles ?