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Hello, it’s been a while since I have had a chance to sit down and download my thoughts to paper: House moves etc are now complete and almost all the moving boxes are empty. Several additional features have been added to The Bet Machine since my last blog so I want to have a quick ... Read more

In my last blog post I looked at the Mechanics behind the LIST feature in TBM. In this blog post I want to look at the benefit of using LISTS.   The Benefits: So what are the benefits of using Lists? In a previous blog I showed a graph (copied below) of a systems performance across ... Read more

Keys, Phone, Wallet, Shopping List……. I don’t know about you but I find these days if I visit a supermarket without a list of items, I end up having a return visit when my wife completes the back to base inventory. Having a list of items that you actually want can avoid those extra items ... Read more

I’m a bit of a fan of niche systems: I have some which only have a handful of selections per year but generally manage to turn a profit when they come up with a runner. It can be a fine balance between finding a viable system and getting into a back fitted scenario which will ... Read more

So the last few months have been a little rocky for some of the systems. This was discussed in last months post. With that in mind there has been considerable effort from the backroom boys to Check that everything is working correctly Make some sense of the general variability of the industry variables Provide new ... Read more

These months are flying by. Add couple of Bank Holiday weekends in and before you know it, it’s Blog time. This month I was planning to have the main subject about the merits of keeping a history of all the bets you make. They can be so valuable when assessing your portfolio performance. However, the ... Read more

Those famous words from Corporal Jones in ‘Dad’s Army’ may be worth heeding. For the Selection Hunter Preset Systems, March’s figures are definitely showing red rather than a glorious golden glow. I’m going to keep this post simple: Losses happen but let’s have a brief look at possible causes. It is March. What happens then? ... Read more

This is the first article in a series that will provide an overview of the performance of the Preset Systems available within the Selection Hunter pages of the software. First, I’ll do a little introduction of myself and how I’ve got involved with this blog. My name is Mike and have always been interested in ... Read more


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